!rule-05 false Rule 5 - Instruction Rule 5 - Instruction 5-1. General Except as provided in the Rules, an amateur golfer must not receive payment or compensation, directly or indirectly, for giving golf instruction. 5-2. Where Payment Permitted a. Schools, Colleges, Camps, etc. An amateur golfer who is (i) an employee of an educational institution or system or (ii) a counselor at a camp or other similar organized program, may receive payment or compensation for golf instruction to students in the institution, system or camp, provided that the total time devoted to such instruction comprises less than 50 percent of the time spent in the performance of all duties as such an employee or counselor. b. Approved Programs An amateur golfer may receive expenses, payment or compensation for giving golf instruction as part of a program that has been approved in advance by the Governing Body. 5-3. Instruction in Writing An amateur golfer may receive payment or compensation for golf instruction in writing, provided his ability or reputation as a golfer was not a major factor in his employment or in the commission or sale of his work.