A Short Course on the Rules

Check out our new, regular content series called A Short Course on the Rules!


"A Short Course on the Rules" is a convenient, new way to dive into and learn more about select Rules topics! It is designed to have something for players at all levels of Rules knowledge. Each piece in the Short Course series will focus on a specific topic and provide:

  • Video - A video overview from one of our Rules experts focusing on foundational Rules knowledge for that round's topic.
  • Quiz - "Play" our 18-hole Rules quiz to test your knowledge - questions get more challenging as you turn from the "Front Nine" questions (covering more foundational topics and perfect for those with beginner/intermediate level Rules knowledge) to the "Back Nine" questions (more advanced questions that are perfect for experts and those seeking to learn more).
  • Leaderboard - The quiz will be open for three weeks and, once entries have closed, we will post a leaderboard highlighting both our top scorers as well as those with a perfect score on the front nine.
  • Season Leaderboard - Season 1 of the Short Course will include 6 rounds, and we will maintain a cumulative leaderboard across all 6 rounds with prizes to be awarded at the end!
  • "Thoughts on the Round" - Additional insights and explanations on the round that are based around the front and back nine quiz questions.
  • Resources - Links to other helpful resources on the topic.



Each round of the Short Course will be listed below as it is released, which will be approximately every four weeks.



Season 1 cumulative leaderboard showing all total under par scores! Only individuals who participate in all rounds are included.

Updated 7/21 - This has been updated to include all scores through Round 3 of the Short Course!

Cumulative Leaderboard
Bob Ferguson -14
Fred Kostecki -14
James Litvack -14
Dan Michaud -13
David Belden -13
David Jungk -13
Josefa García -13
Stewart Jones -13
Tad Sanders -13
Brian Faraday -12
Dennis Walsh -12
Georgianne Koch -11
Jerry Glover -11
Lyman Gallup -11
Mike Rice -11
Christian Refice -10
Jim Smitj -10
Joe Small -10
Phil Gray -10
Suhas Thakar -10
David Cowger -9
Gerry Coons -9
John Cannella -9
John Heyman -9
John Lambe -9
Sergio Ortiz -9
Tom Toal -9
Amanda Braun -8
Craig Reading -8
Paul Brown -8
Paul E. McAuliffe -8
Phil Bridges -8
A. Fred Rudy, Jr. -7
Bob Van Namen -7
Jim Coakley -7
Sam Ting -7
Windy He -7
Dick Posey -6
Raymond Coates -6
Steve Block -6
Eric Lucy  -5
Joe Salierno -5
Tim J. Murphy -5
Brian Armbruster  -4
Derik Mooberry -4
Garry Brunson -4
Gary Albin -4
Tom Baustert -4
David Wylie -3
Eileen B. -3
Kenbert  -3
Maria Rangel -3
Roger Davis -3
Fraser Nicol -2
Kevin J -2
Robert Dufresne -2
Patrick Dwyer -1
Zaw Myint Naing -1