A Short Course on the Rules

Check out our new, regular content series called A Short Course on the Rules!


"A Short Course on the Rules" is a convenient, new way to dive into and learn more about select Rules topics! Each piece in the Short Course series will focus on a specific topic and provide:

  • Video - A video overview from one of our Rules experts
  • Quiz - "Play" our 18-hole Rules quiz to test your knowledge - questions get more challenging as you turn from the "Front Nine" questions to the "Back Nine" questions
  • Leaderboard - The quiz will be open for three weeks and, once entries have closed, we will post a leaderboard highlighting the top scorers
  • Season Leaderboard - Season 1 of the Short Course will include 6 rounds, and we will maintain a cumulative leaderboard across all 6 rounds with prizes to be awarded at the end!
  • "Thoughts on the Round" - Additional insights and explanations on the topic that are based around the front and back nine (the "round") quiz questions
  • Resources - Links to other helpful resources on the topic



Each round of the Short Course will be listed below as it is released, which will be approximately every four weeks.

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