The USGA Directly Authorized Golf Club Program

Authorization is for the 2021 period only

The USGA® has the exclusive rights to implement and administer the World Handicap System within the United States and its territories, including the issuance of a Handicap Index®.  Any issuance of a Handicap Index within the U.S. must be authorized by the USGA or its allied golf associations.

The USGA Directly Authorized Golf Club Program is a requirement for any club wishing to use the Rules of Handicapping™ that is not a member club of an allied golf association in its area. Club Authorization falls under the handicap administration and oversight of the allied golf association and authorization can be obtained jointly through the USGA and the allied golf association during the 2021 period. The Directly Authorized Club may interface with the USGA centralized computation service through an approved third-party technology provider for handicap administration.

The online application is available only to a Type 2 or Type 3 golf club who is not a member or does not receive its handicap computation assistance from an Allied Golf Association having geographic jurisdiction in its area. Type 2 and Type 3 designation is determined by the allied golf association or the USGA.

To review the authorization policies or to begin the authorization process now, see the links below:

2021 Authorization Program for Clubs Application–Enroll On-line

2021 Directly Authorized Clubs Terms of Agreemnt