4.4 Certification of a Score

A score submitted for handicap purposes must be made available for peer review as soon as possible after completion of the round. To facilitate the process of peer review:

    (i) A player, or someone authorized by the player, must submit their score as soon as possible after completion of the round, and
    (ii) The Handicap Committee should ensure a submitted score is posted to the player’s scoring record as soon as possible.

Rule 4.4 Interpretations:

4.4/1 – Clarification of Meaning of Peer Review as a Method of Certification of Scores

Peer review is normally conducted by someone:

  • Playing in the same group or who was present during the round, and/or
  • Who is a member of the same golf club as the player.

In all cases, it must be someone who:

  • Has formed a reasonable basis from which to provide support for a score that has been posted or challenge the player on any anomalies in the posted score, or
  • Has knowledge of the player’s demonstrated ability and can reasonably verify or challenge the Handicap Index issued to the player.

Challenges or disputes should be raised with the player and/or reported to the Handicap Committee for consideration.

To facilitate the process of peer review, player scoring records must be accessible to all other members of the golf club (see Appendix B: Player’s Scoring Record).