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Get a Handicap Index® Today!

Join our community of nearly 3 million golfers with a Handicap Index!

A Handicap Index provides every golfer – regardless of age, gender or skill level – with a universal measure of playing ability under the World Handicap System™.

A Handicap Index allows you to:

  • Play with any golfer on a fair and equitable basis.

  • Track your personal progress and gain insights into your game. 

  • Compete in events requiring a Handicap Index, creating additional playing opportunities. 

  • See updates to your Handicap Index by posting scores from any course around the world with a Course Rating™ and Slope Rating®.

  • Prior to playing you can use your Handicap Index to determine your Target Score, which is a score you are reasonably capable of achieving, to help choose the best set of tees to play.



By signing up for a Handicap Index through, you’ll receive membership to your local Allied Golf Association (AGA), which gives you access to benefits such as playing and volunteer opportunities in your area, as well as news on your golf community.  

Please note: This is NOT a USGA Membership. If you would like to give back and support the USGA's mission, programs and initiatives, please click HERE.

For any questions, please contact us at (908) 234-2300 x5 or