!ruletype=interp§ion=rule&rulenum=24 false Rule 24 - Team Competitions

Rule 24 - Team Competitions

24.2 Terms of Team Competition 24.2/1 – Disqualification May Apply to One or All Rounds in Team Play If a player is disqualified from a round in a team competition in which not all scores count towards the team’s total score, the disqualification applies only to that round of the competition. However, if a player is disqualified for failing to meet the Code of Conduct standards under Rule 1.2b, it is up to the Committee to determine whether that disqualification is for that round only or the duration of the competition. 24.4 Advice Allowed in Team Competition 24.4/1 – Committee May Establish Limits for Team Captains and Advice Givers The Committee may adopt a Local Rule limiting who may serve as a team captain or advice giver and also limit the conduct of a team captain or advice giver. Examples of limitations include: Permitting only an amateur golfer to serve as a team captain and/or advice giver. Stating that team captains and/or advice givers are not permitted on putting greens. That advice must be given in person and not via radio, telephone or other electronic means.