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The “Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf” is the publication to be circulated to golfers worldwide. It is not a quick guide, but rather is an abridged version of the Rules of Golf that is written with a focus on you, the golfer. Here are some of the key elements of the Player’s Edition: It is a functioning Rule book. It looks like the full Rules of Golf, with generally the same organization. Although its text is edited, it gives you the same answer that is in the full Rules of Golf. It focuses on the Rules that are most relevant to you as a player. This includes the Rules that describe the essential characteristics of golf - for example, playing by the Rules and in the spirit of the game, the different parts of the course and the equipment you may use - and the most commonly used Rules. Although it does not cover some of the less frequently occurring situations, it indicates that there is further information on the subject in the full Rules of Golf, with the following reference icon: This icon means that you should refer to the full Rules of Golf (either in printed format or via the USGA's Rules of Golf app or website –, or consult with the Committee for an explanation of that situation. It is written in a style that refers to “you” the golfer. This golferfocused style is another key step in making the Rules more userfriendly. Diagrams and charts are included to help visually explain the Rules. The Player’s Edition aims to present the Rules in a way that is more easily understood and focused on what you, the golfer, need to know to play by the Rules.