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Be a Part of It: Volunteer at the 2018 Curtis Cup Match


| Jan 17, 2018 | Scarsdale, N.Y.

Updating scoreboards is one of the many volunteer positions available for the 40th Curtis Cup Match at Quaker Ridge Golf Club. (USGA/John Mummert)

Volunteer Application Link

Sixteen of the best female amateur golfers in the world will be at Quaker Ridge Golf Club in Scarsdale, N.Y., for the 40th Curtis Cup Match. This prestigious biennial competition, featuring eight players from the USA and eight from Great Britain and Ireland, will be contested June 8-10, 2018.

Volunteers are needed in a variety of capacities to assist in conducting one of the world’s premier amateur events. All interested volunteers must purchase a Volunteer Package for $75, which includes a golf shirt, full-zip jacket, baseball hat or women’s visor, and a meal on the days worked. Volunteers are also asked to wear khaki pants, shorts or skirts with their uniform. The fee helps offset the cost of the uniform.

All volunteers must work a minimum of two shifts – a shift comprises approximately five hours – during the week of the Match.

Junior volunteers (ages 14-17) are encouraged to volunteer. Participation may allow these individuals to earn community service credit hours with their schools.

Volunteers can serve as forecaddies, marshals, scoreboard operators, walking scorers and standard bearers. Assistance is also needed in Hospitality and Volunteer Headquarters.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Curtis Cup Match office by email at or by phone at (914) 874-5728.

Thursday, June 7
Practice round and Opening Ceremony

Friday, June 8
Three Foursomes and three Four-Ball matches; times to be announced

Saturday, June 9
Three Foursomes and three Four-Ball matches; times to be announced

Sunday, June 10
Eight singles matches; times to be announced
Closing Ceremony

Below, you will find a description of each volunteer position, as well as a video link detailing each specific duty.

WATCH: Volunteering at a USGA National Championship


These individuals will assist players and officials during the three competition days (June 8-10). Forecaddies help locate golf balls hit beyond the view of players and referees.

WATCH: How to Forecaddie


Hospitality volunteers will be needed throughout the week of the Curtis Cup Match (June 3-10). They will be the point of contact for players, officials, spectators, volunteers and club members. They will assist guests on where to park, check in and dine following play. They will also assist in assembling distribution of player and official guest information packets.


During the three competition days, marshals will help promote the physical safety of the spectators, while also helping to spot balls or indicate to players that the fairway or putting green is open.


These individuals will help update the status of the matches during the three competition days. Scoreboards will be placed at various locations on the golf course. They will also assist the calligrapher at the main scoreboard with match updates.


A standard bearer (junior volunteers ages 14-17) will be assigned to each match (three foursomes and three four-ball matches the first two days and eight singles matches on Sunday). They will be required to carry the standard and update the match status. These volunteers will receive proper training and procedures, including how to assemble the standards with the letters and numbers.


During the three competition days, walking scorers will be required to enter hole-by-hole scores into a hand-held device furnished by the USGA. These hole-by-hole scores are transmitted in real time so that matches can be updated on the championship website. The scores also are transmitted to the scoreboard and various status boards so spectators can be kept abreast of ongoing matches.

WATCH: How to use a USGA Scoring Tablet


These individuals will assist with volunteer check-in, uniform distribution, exchanges and sales during the competition week. No driving is involved.