Cart Policy for USGA Senior Amateur Championships

Cart Policy Infographic

Beginning in 2018, the Automotive Transportation Condition of Competition for the Senior Amateur Championships will be updated.  Under the current policy, caddies are prohibited from riding in or on a cart at any time during the player’s stipulated round.  Moving forward, we will be operating with a “one-seat” policy.  Please read the full language of the golf cart policy below for the Senior Amateur Championships. 

Updated Policy (to go into effect 2018):

At USGA Senior Amateur Championships, while the player and the player’s caddie may use a golf cart, there is a “one-seat” policy in effect during the stipulated round.

  • This “one-seat” policy allows the player’s caddie the opportunity to assist the player during play. For example, the player’s caddie may drive the golf cart if the player chooses to walk, move the cart for the player from green to tee, etc., so long as the player and the player’s caddie are not riding in a golf cart at the same time.

  • If the player’s caddie is driving a golf cart, the player is responsible for any breach of the Rules by the caddie (such as moving the player’s or an opponent’s ball at rest).
  • Golf carts may be requested by players only, and caddies are required to wear USGA caddie bibs during championship rounds.

  • In stroke play, if two players in a group request a golf cart, only one cart will be distributed to that group.  If three players request a golf cart, two carts will be distributed.

  • In match play, two carts may be distributed to each match depending on the number of carts available.

  • The player should not allow other individuals, such as spectators or volunteers, to drive, ride in or ride on the player’s golf cart during a stipulated round.
  • No one should stand on the back or side of the golf cart while it is in motion.

The USGA reserves the right to limit or suspend the use of golf carts due to inclement weather, unsafe use of the golf cart or circumstances where use of the golf cart would present a hazard to others, the course officials, the golf course or other unforeseen circumstances.  Automotive transportation should be driven on such areas of the golf course indicated by the club or the USGA. 

If the player or the player’s caddie shows significant disregard for this policy, the player may be disqualified from the competition under Rule 1.2a (serious misconduct).