What You Need to Know as the Active Posting Season Starts: April 14, 2016

March and April generally mark the beginning of the active season for players who live in seasonal golf areas of the United States. Here are a few things to know before hitting the course this season:

  • Check the active/inactive season calendar to confirm your authorized golf association’s active season, which can also be useful if you’re playing outside your region to ensure that area is active.

  • If your Handicap Index® shows “Inactive” or “NH,” reach out to the Handicap Committee at your club or the authorized golf association in your area, it may need to be renewed. (The USGA® does not have access to individual scoring records or computation service data.)

  • The current USGA Handicap System term is 2016-17. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the changes to the system. For more information, check out the USGA Handicap System Manual.

  • Watch the online Handicap Seminar and take the quiz to become an expert on the USGA Handicap System for your licensed golf club.  

  • Are you a “multi-member?” Be sure that your scoring records are linked, or that you’re posting all acceptable scores across your golf clubs. This ensures the same scoring record at all clubs and an accurate reflection of your playing potential.

Now it’s time to get back out on the course and start posting. And remember, Play9 if you can’t play 18!