List of Conforming Driver Heads

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How to Use The List of Conforming Driver Heads

The List of Conforming Driver Heads identifies the models and lofts of all driver heads that have been submitted for evaluation to The United States Golf Association and/or R&A and have been determined to conform to the Rules of Golf. It is updated by 08:00 (EST) every Monday for USGA jurisdictions and 00:01 (GMT) for R&A jurisdictions.

Driver heads are listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer or by product name, depending on which PDF list you have printed. Each model is listed as a separate entry with corresponding lofts and identification markings that are essential to determining whether the driver listed is the same as the driver in question. There are sometimes only subtle differences in the markings differentiating two different models of a driver head. For example, one model may have a degree symbol (conforming) and a similar model could be without a degree symbol (USGA non-conforming or R&A non-conforming in 2008), and those differences vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. As a result, if all markings of the clubhead do not match exactly to a club that is in question, it may be a different model and you should check the Non-Conforming Driver List (R&A Non-Conforming 2008) to determine whether it appears on that List. If you have any question regarding the conformance status of any club, please contact the USGA or R&A for further assistance.

A link to an image of each driver included on this list is available through the searchable online database by clicking the 'View Photo' link. Please note that only the image of the driver head's sole is provided. Therefore, it should only be used for reference purposes. There are often models that have identical sole markings but have different face, crown, toe and/or heel markings. The sole markings alone are not enough to conclude that the clubhead in question is the model listed.

Administration of the List

  1. Similar to the Conforming Golf Ball List, the List of Conforming Driver Heads Model Local Rule (G-1) is only recommended for use by Committees in charge of competitions restricted to highly skilled players (including top amateur events).
  2. The Local Rule only covers driver heads. However, any driving club that a player uses must conform to all other rules pertaining to golf clubs.
  3. It is the player's responsibility to use clubs that conform to the Rules of Golf, and all relevant Terms of the Competition and Local Rules. Players and manufacturers, therefore, should take care to ensure that any modification of a driver head does not alter the playing characteristics such that it becomes different from the sample submitted for evaluation which appears on the List.
  4. If a driver fails any on-site evaluation (i.e.; club length, spring effect, groove dimensions, etc.), the individual club is considered non-conforming and should not be carried and must not be used by the player even if that model of driver appears on the List.
  5. Driver heads manufactured prior to 1999 are exempt from the requirement of this Local Rule.
  6. Until further notice, there will be no expiration date for a clubhead included on the List. However, a clubhead included on the List may be removed if it no longer conforms to the Rules of Golf due to, for example, a subsequent Rules change.

Download full list in PDF format - Sorted by Manufacturer

Download full list in PDF format - Sorted by Product


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