28/10 Ball Dropped Outside Bunker Under Option Requiring Drop in Bunker

In stroke play, a competitor deems his ball unplayable in a bunker and, purporting to proceed under Rule 28b or c, drops a ball outside the bunker and plays it. What is the ruling?

In this case, Rules 28b and c require that a ball be dropped in and played from the bunker. Generally, if the ball is played from outside the bunker, the penalty should be disqualification for a serious breach of Rule 28, unless rectified under Rule 20-7c. However, if the position of the ball after it is dropped out of the bunker is not substantially different from what it would have been if the competitor had invoked the stroke-and-distance option under Rule 28a, he incurs the penalty stroke prescribed by Rule 28 and an additional penalty of two strokes for a breach of that Rule, rather than disqualification.