USGA/GAM Alliance Program FAQs

March 25, 2009

What is the USGA/GAM Alliance Membership Program?

It's an alliance of GAM golf clubs and facilities that have agreed to enroll their members in the USGA/GAM Alliance program at no additional cost beyond their regular annual fee.

How do I know if my golf club has agreed to participate in the Alliance Membership?

Please contact the Golf Association of Michigan (GAM) Membership Department at (248) 478-9242 for a complete listing of participating GAM golf clubs.

What if I'd like to participate in the Alliance Membership but my GAM golf club doesn't?

If you have a USGA Handicap Index administered by GAM, you can contact GAM Membership Department to be added as a USGA/GAM Alliance Member.

What benefits do I receive as a USGA/GAM Alliance Member?

In addition to your GAM benefits, you will receive a deluxe personalized USGA/GAM bag tag, special USGA Member discounts and offers, the monthly USGA/GAM Insider e-newsletter and the opportunity to volunteer at USGA championships.

When can I expect to receive the Alliance Membership benefit package including the USGA/GAM bag tag and my USGA Member ID?

GAM Members with valid mailing addresses who have an active GAM Membership as of Apr. 15, 2009 can expect to receive the Alliance Membership package in mid-to-late May. GAM Members who join between April 16 and June 27 will receive their benefits by mid-June to early-July. GAM Members who join between June 28 and July 27 will receive their benefits by mid-August. 

What happens if I am already a USGA member?

If you are currently an Individual, Dual or Junior Member of the USGA, your USGA Membership will be extended one year from your current USGA expiration date at no extra cost.

What happens if I have an upper-level USGA Membership?

GAM members who are also USGA Members at the Champion, Eagle, Medal, Honor or Patron level will not have their USGA Membership extended and will not participate in the Alliance program. These Members will continue to receive their USGA upper-level benefits in the fall. To view a complete list of USGA Membership levels and benefits, visit .         

I just received a notice from the USGA to renew my USGA Membership. What should I do?

If you would like to continue to receive the associated USGA member benefits (e.g., a U.S. Open hat) at the basic and dual Member level then please renew your USGA Membership. GAM Members who are active USGA Members at the basic level will have their USGA Membership extended for a period of one year  and will be automatically enrolled in the USGA/GAM Alliance Membership program.

I just received a notice from the USGA to renew my upper-level USGA Membership. What should I do?

If you would like to continue to receive the USGA upper-level membership benefits (e.g., USGA Championship calendar, U.S. Open hat, etc.) then please renew your USGA Membership. GAM Members who are also active USGA Members at the Champion, Eagle, Medal, Honor and Patron Level will not have their USGA Membership extended (as provided to the basic and dual members) and these Members will continue to receive their USGA upper level benefits in the fall.

As a USGA/GAM Alliance Member, am I eligible to apply for the random drawing to purchase tickets for the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach?

Yes, USGA/GAM Alliance Members are eligible to apply for the random drawing during the application period of March 1 to April 15 (5 p.m. EST). A USGA Member ID is required to enter the drawing. GAM Members, who are not currently active USGA Members can call the USGA Customer Service Staff at (800) 223-0041 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (EST) for assistance. Please identify yourself as an USGA/GAM Member to the Customer Service associate and request a USGA Member ID number to include on the ticket application ( ).  

What is the United States Golf Association?
The USGA is a non-profit organization that has served as the national governing body of golf for the U.S., its territories and Mexico since its formation in 1894. The Association sponsors a variety of programs that benefit everyone who plays the game, among them: conducting 13 national championships each year, writing and interpreting The Rules of Golf, funding turf grass research, promoting better course maintenance practices and equipment standards, and supporting grassroots programs through its For the Good of the Game ® initiative.

I have a question on my USGA Membership, who can I contact?

If you have additional questions, simply contact the USGA Members Program Customer Service,

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (EDT) at (800) 223-0041.

What if I want to receive additional USGA Membership benefits?

If you would like to upgrade your USGA Membership to obtain additional benefits (e.g., U.S. Open Golf hat, The Rules of Golf), please contact the USGA Members Program Customer Service Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (ET) at (800) 223-0041.

What if I don't want this membership?

You have the option to decline this membership offer by contacting the GAM Membership Department at (248) 478-9242. However, we hope you reconsider your support of the USGA and try the membership for a year.

Is my privacy protected?

The USGA will not make the personal information of Alliance Members available to third parties (except as may be necessary to fulfill the Alliance Membership) unless the Alliance Member is already or becomes a USGA Member in the future. E-mail addresses will be used solely for the purpose of sending monthly USGA/GAM Alliance e-newsletters and other Alliance communications. Club Members lists are subject to the GAM privacy policy.  

What if I don't want to receive the Alliance e-newsletters?

USGA/GAM Alliance Members can opt out of these communications at any time by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button located at the bottom of every e-newsletter. You will be unsubscribed from the USGA/GAM Alliance e-mail communications within 10 business days.

What will happen to my USGA/GAM Alliance Membership after one year?

The USGA/GAM Alliance Membership pilot program will be evaluated in the fall of 2009. We will send an e-mail announcement on the future of the program in December 2009.

Why am I still receiving solicitations from the USGA to join the Members Program?

In an effort to attract new supporters, the USGA solicits prospective Members through the mail.

The USGA obtains names from a variety of golf-related mailing lists. The names on the list are checked against the USGA current membership records to avoid sending out invitations to USGA Members. If the name and address on the list is slightly different from the name or address on the USGA Membership file, a solicitation may be sent out. Please contact the Members Program Customer Service Staff and the USGA will eliminate the second address in the future.

What happens to my USGA/GAM Alliance Membership if I move out of state during the year?

Unless you request otherwise, you will continue as a USGA/GAM Alliance Member until your USGA/GAM membership expires.

My contact information recently changed, how can I update this information?

Please contact the USGA Members Program by calling (800) 223-0041 or via e-mail to .

Partner Links
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AmEx image
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The USGA and Chevron have committed to using the game of golf to encourage students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. This commitment has led to the creation of extensive golf-focused STEM teaching tools, and has resulted in charitable contributions to support golf-related programs through Eagles for Education™

At U.S. Open Championships the Chevron STEM ZONE™ is an interactive experience highlighting the science and math behind the game of golf through a variety of hands-on exhibits and experiments.

The partnership has also produced educational materials such as the Science of Golf video series and a nationally-distributed newspaper insert which are provided to teachers as tools to enhance existing curriculum in schools. These lessons teach the science behind the USGA’s equipment testing, handicapping, and agronomy efforts.

For more interactive experiences featuring golf-focused STEM lessons, visit the partnership homepage.

Chevron image

Rolex has been a longtime supporter of the USGA and salutes the sportsmanship and great traditions unique to the game. This support includes the Rules of Golf where Rolex has partnered with the USGA to ensure golfers understand and appreciate the game.

As the official timekeeper of the USGA and its championships, they also provide clocks throughout host sites for spectator convenience.

For more information on Rolex and their celebration of the game, visit the Rolex and Golf homepage.

Rolex image

IBM has partnered with the USGA to bring the same technology, expertise, and innovation it provides to businesses all over the world to the USGA and golf's national championship.

IBM provides the information technology to develop and host the U.S. Open’s official website,, as well as the mobile apps and scoring systems for the three U.S. Open championships. These real-time technology solutions provide an enhanced experience for fans following the championship onsite and online.

For more information on IBM and the technology that powers the U.S. Open and businesses worldwide, visit

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Lexus is committed to partnering with the USGA to deliver a best-in-class experience for the world’s best golfers by providing a fleet of courtesy luxury vehicles for all USGA Championships.

At each U.S. Open, Women’s Open and Senior Open, Lexus provides spectators with access to unique experiences ranging from the opportunity to have a picture taken with both the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open trophies to autograph signings with legendary Lexus Golf Ambassadors in the Lexus Performance Drive Pavilion.

For more information on Lexus, visit

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American Express

Together, American Express and the USGA have been providing world-class service to golf fans since 2006. By creating interactive U.S. Open experiences both onsite and online, American Express enhances the USGA’s effort to make the game more accessible and enjoyable for fans.

For more information on American Express visit

AmEx image