Leigh Bader

Co-Owner, Joe & Leigh’s Discount Golf Pro Shop, Joe & Leigh’s Golf Performance Center, Joe & Leigh’s Pine Oaks Golf Course


Leigh Bader has more than 44 years of experience as a golf course owner/operator, PGA professional, brick-and-mortar retailer and online retailer. As a graduate of University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Leigh began his career in the golf industry as a general manager/PGA professional for a local 18-hole public golf facility. Honing his nascent negotiating skills, his initial contract included holding out for $150/week and half-price food in the snack bar. Soon after, Leigh pursued his entrepreneurial pursuit and purchased a run-down, 9-hole golf facility known as Pine Oaks (designed by Bill Robinson, architect who did the second Course at Banff). Leigh says convincing a banker to loan him and Joe Ricci the money to purchase the course remains his single most impressive and stunningly illogical accomplishment.  

Leigh co-established Joe & Leigh’s at the Pine Oaks Golf Course in 1981. They have expanded it three times and it is believed to the second largest green-grass shop in the U.S.

Leigh is a two-time winner of both the PGA of America’s National Merchandiser of the Year award and the NEPGA Merchandiser of the Year. Golf Digest has recognized Joe & Leigh’s as among the best clubfitters in the country, in addition to naming it as one of America’s 100 Best Golf Shops 17 times. He also pioneered and launched the “PGA Value Guide,” which brought efficiency to the secondary and primary golf markets; created the PGA Trade-In Network, used by more than 5,000 US PGA Professionals; and launched 3balls.com in 1998. After its merger with Global Value Commerce in 2015, it is now the largest marketplace for used equipment.

Leigh lives in Raynham, Mass., but sneaks down to enjoy the Florida weather as often as possible during the winter. He remains steadfastly committed to delivering the highest value to the golfer, the game and the industry.