USGA Rules of Golf Explained Education Kits February 28, 2015

USGA Rules of Golf Explained Education Kits

To download a Rules of Golf Education Kit, click on a link below.  Your browser should open a window and ask you how to proceed.  Click on “Save” and choose a location to save the file (your desktop for example).

The file will then download.  The download could take from 1 minute to 10 or 15 depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Once it is downloaded, go to the location where you have saved the file and double-click on it.  It will open and look like a folder which contains one folder titled USGA_RuleXX (where XX is the Rule number).

In Windows under “Folder Tasks” you will see the option “Extract all files”.  Click on that to bring up the wizard.  Go through the wizard to extract all the information. You can save it to your desktop or some other location.  Use the Browse button to select a location.

In the extracted folder you will see a file named “README.txt”.  This will contain further information about the files.


 External Advisory Group Live Meeting (1-23-2013) (.wmv)

 External Advisory Group Live Meeting (3-15-2013) (.wmv)