In modifying the Rules of Golf for golfers with disabilities, the desired result should allow the disabled golfer to play equitably with an able-bodied individual or a golfer with another type of disability. It is important to understand that this critical objective will occasionally result in a modification to a Rule that may seem unfair at first glance because a more simplified answer may appear to exist when two golfers with the same disability are playing against one another.

From a practical standpoint, it is useful to subdivide disabled golfers into groups, each one of which has a need for somewhat different Rules modifications. Five such groups are easily identified. They are blind golfers, amputee golfers, golfers requiring canes or crutches, golfers requiring wheelchairs and golfers with intellectual disabilities.

The accompanying website sections are an attempt to adapt the Rules of Golf to these groups of disabled golfers, using the objective noted above as the ultimate goal.

All terms in italics are terms defined in the Rules of Golf. Please consult the Rules of Golf for the text of the defined terms.



This modification of the Rules of Golf for disabled golfers is intended to provide a means by which disabled golfers may play equitably with able-bodied golfers or golfers with other types of disabilities. Hopefully, all of the issues have been addressed, although it is anticipated that continued analysis and further modification will be necessary, as is the case for the Rules of Golf.