Authorized Golf Club FAQ's

Q: What is expected of clubs that were licensed under the Licensing Program for Clubs as of December 31, 2017?

A: All golf clubs that were licensed under the Licensing Program for Clubs in 2016-2017 will have the ability to reapply in the fall of 2017 to become authorized to use the USGA Handicap System for 2018-2019. Any club who fails to reapply by December 31, 2017 will need to become affiliated with their Authorized Golf Association or file a new application as a Directly Authorized Golf Club (DAC). The online application is available on

Q: Our club utilizes our own handicap software, and is currently licensed through the USGA. We would like to join our authorized (local) golf association and utilize the handicap computation service through the AGA. Is our license impacted, and do we have to file a new application directly with the golf association?

A:  If a club that was licensed by the USGA in 2017 elects to receive its handicap computation assistance as a member club of an authorized golf association having geographic jurisdiction in the area, the club will need to apply with the authorized golf association directly. The club should encourage the association to alert the USGA of the change and the records will be updated to reflect the new affiliation.

Q: Why did the USGA develop the new handicap platform?

A: The purpose of the new handicap platform is to ensure that all golf clubs in the United States comply with all formulas and procedures within the USGA Handicap System™.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in the directly authorized golf club program?

A: Any type 2 or type 3 golf club who is not a member club for handicap purposes of the authorized golf association wishing to issue a Handicap Index to its members must be approved through the USGA. The golf club will also be required to affiliate with the Allied Golf Association having jurisdiction in the area for golf club oversight on handicap related matters.

Q: How do you define a member club of an authorized golf association (AGA) concerning the new authorized golf club program for 2018-2019?

A: For purposes of the authorized golf club program, a member club must go directly through the authorized golf association for their computation services and access to the computation service.

Q: What is the Golf Association's role for a non-member club in the Authorized Golf Club Program?

A: The authorized golf association that has jurisdiction in the area where the golf club resides is responsible for monitoring whether any non-member club is in full compliance with USGA Handicap System requirements. Specifically, the association needs to verify that the golf club follows the association’s active/inactive season dates (if applicable) and the additional items within the Club Compliance Checklist.