Getting Equipment Tested

In order to state that golf equipment intended to be used during the stipulated round conforms to the Rules of Golf or is permitted under the Rules of Golf, equipment designers and manufacturers must submit the equipment to the USGA Research and Test Center for evaluation and receive an official conformance determination permitting the designer or manufacturer to make such a statement.

The Rules of Golf specify the equipment which may be used to play the game. These specifications can be found in Rule 4 and Appendix II for golf clubs and Rule 5 and Appendix III for golf balls. Other equipment, such as gloves, tees, shoes and other artificial devices, unusual equipment and unusual use of equipment are addressed under Rule 14-3 and Appendix IV, and Rule 11.

Additional information and clarification of these Rules and specifications can be found in the relevant sections of the Decisions on the Rules of Golf and A Guide to the Rules on Clubs and Balls.

The submission process is straightforward and, after only a few simple steps, equipment can be evaluated by the USGA for conformance.

How to Submit Golf Clubs and Other Equipment for Testing

How to Submit Golf Balls for Testing