USGA Water Summit February 27, 2015

Golf’s Use of Water: Solutions for a More Sustainable Game was presented by the USGA on November 6th and 7th, 2012.  The Water Summit brought together experts from science, government, business, academia and golf to identify and discuss the most challenging issues regarding golf’s use of water. With communities continually working to provide sufficient quantities of safe drinking water, it is understandable that water use for recreational purposes is heavily scrutinized. While golf courses contribute to communities by providing green space, positive economic impact and recreation for those who play the game, it is also true that golf course irrigation is a necessary component of their management. It is the responsibility of golf’s leadership to ensure that our most valuable natural resource is used in the most forward-thinking, responsible manner. View the full presentations from the Water Summit below.

November 6th: Morning Session

Introduction: Glen Nager, USGA President

A Federal Perspective on Water and Golf: Veronica Blette, Chief, WaterSense Branch, USEPA

A National Perspective On Water Issues: Mary Ann Dickinson, President and CEO, Alliance for Water Efficiency

Starting with an Open Hand: working with regulators and legislators: Mark Esoda, CGCS – GC Superintendent, Atlanta CC, Georgia

How Much Water Does Golf Use and Where Does It Come From?: Greg Lyman, Director of Environmental Programs, GCSAA

Lean and Green: water efficiency in the Las Vegas golf industry: Doug Bennett, Conservation Mgr., Southern Nevada Water Authority

November 6th: Afternoon Session

Maintenance Up the Middle – great golf and water conservation are not mutually exclusive : Chris Hartwiger, USGA

Case Studies in Water Use Reduction: Pat Gross, USGA

Irrigation Puzzle: Sourcing Water For Golf Courses: Dr. Ali Haravandi, Environmental Horticulturist, University of California

Research Accomplishments to Meet the Present and Future Water Use Needs of Golf: Dr. Mike Kenna, USGA

Irrigating With a Toxin: Tim Hiers, GC Superintendent, Old Colliers Golf Club, Florida

Case Studies in Water Use Efficiency: Brian Whitlark, USGA

November 7th: Morning Session

Water Impact on Golf Development and Operations: Henry DeLozier, Global Golf Advisors and Jim Hinckley, Century Golf

Making Hard Decisions About Hard Times: benefits of proactive drought pl15 Karen Guz, Director of Conservation, Saanning : Karen Guz, Director of Conservation, San Antonio Water System

Shifting Watering Decisions from Art to Science: Dana Lonn, Managing Director, Center for Technology, The Toro Company

Uncovering the Past to Find Our Future: Bob Farren, Pinehurst LLC

Designing Golf Courses for Water Conservation: Bill Love, Golf Course Architect

Golf Course Water Use – An International Perspective: Rick Robbins, Golf Course Architect

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