Regional Grants March 13, 2015

The USGA Green Section relies on science for answers that will help ensure the long-term success of the golf course management industry. Regional grants were created to quickly answer applied problems to help superintendents meet the challenges of managing golf courses. The regional grants allows directors of all eight USGA Green Section regions to identify applied problems and the appropriate researchers in their regions to solve those problems. Research projects funded under this program most often include cultural aspects of golf course management. Examples include what fungicides work best on a particular disease, or the management of new turfgrass cultivars, renovation techniques, safe and effective use of herbicides, insecticides, or fertilizers. These projects are usually of short duration (1 to 2 years), but can offer golf course superintendents answers to practical, management-oriented challenges that they can put into use quickly.

Project Title



Impact of Sand Size and Topdressing Rate on Surface Firmness and Turf Quality of Velvet Bentgrass



Eagle Video Camera Project at The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay

Friends of Harrison Bay


Proper Application Rates of Biostimulants on Turfgrass Growth

University of Arizona


Are Turfgrasses Capable of Inhibiting Nitrification?

Iowa State University


Evaluation of Water Use Rates Among Bermudagrass Cultivars

Oklahoma State University


Deficit irrigation programs for water conservation in the management of bermudagrass fairways in Texas

Lone Star GCSA


Feasibility of Using Critical Soil Water Content to Determine Cart Traffic During Wet Periods

University of Georgia


Reseeding interval following methiozolin (PoaCure) applications

Washington State University


Evaluation of Warm- and Cool-Season Turfgrass Species in Indiana

Purdue University