Regional Grants June 22, 2018

The USGA Green Section relies on science for answers that ensure the long-term success of the golf course management industry. Regional grants were created to quickly answer applied problems to help superintendents meet the challenges of managing golf courses. The regional grants allows directors of all four USGA Green Section regions to identify applied problems and the appropriate researchers in their regions to solve those problems. Research projects funded under this program most often include cultural aspects of golf course management. Examples include what fungicides work best on a particular disease, or the management of new turfgrass cultivars, renovation techniques, safe and effective use of herbicides, insecticides, or fertilizers. These projects are usually only one to two years in duration, but can offer golf course superintendents answers to practical, management-oriented challenges that they can put into use quickly. Twelve projects are currently under investigation.



Project Title


2016-29-579 Nitrogen Fertilization of Newer Bentgrass Cultivars Auburn University; University of Georgia
2017-25-635 Evaluation of Spent Coffee Grounds as a Turf Fertilizer and Root Zone Amendment Texas A&M University
2017-28-638 Establishing Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (PXRF) as a Rapid Soil Analysis Tool for Golf Courses Texas Tech University
2016-30-600 Evaluating the Performance of Four Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems Used on Creeping Bentgrass Tee Boxes at the Las Campanas Golf Course (Santa Fe, NM) New Mexico State University
2017-29-639 Effect of Sulfuric Acid on Bicarbonate Concentration in Sandy Soil New Mexico State University
2016-32-602 Dealing with Salinity Issues and More on Fairways by Topdressing and Aeration North Dakota State University; Shanxi Agricultural University
2016-31-601 Earthworm Casting Activity as Affected by Sand Topdressing in Turf Systems University of Arkansas
2017-30-640 The Effect of Wetting Agents and Plant Growth Regulators on Microbial Growth in Culture Medium University of Georgia
2017-31-641 Pythium Patch: Identification of the Causal Agent and Insights into the Biology of the Pathogen and the Epidemiology and Management of the Disease Pennsylvania State University
2017-26-636 Developing an IPM Program to Control Frit Fly, a Challenging Turfgrass Pest in Hawaii University of Hawaii
2017-35-645 Effects of Ethylene Inhibition on Creeping Bentgrass and Annual Bluegrass Survival of Ice Cover Stress Michigan State University
2017-24-634 Impact of Cultural Practices on Putting Green Speed and Plant Health Pennsylvania State University