Product Testing June 22, 2018

Every year, golf course superintendents are introduced to new products in the marketplace. Without results from objective research, superintendents are asked to make buying decisions based on testimonials from colleagues based on previous experience. Several surveys indicate that golf course superintendents desire side-by-side product evaluations to assist them in making product purchases. The need for this type of information resulted in product testing research. Currently, the USGA is funding five projects that fall into this category.


Project Title



Grass Roots Exhibit

National Turfgrass Federation
2013-17-478 Evaluation of Warm-Season Grasses for Putting Greens National Turfgrass Evaluation Program
2016-24-574 On-Site Testing of Grasses for Overseeding of Bermudagrass Fairways National Turfgrass Evaluation Program
2015-19-534 The Effects of Mowing Delay on Proxy Efficacy for Poa annua Seed Head Suppression Oregon State University
2016-26-576 The Impact of Putting Green Management on Visible Wear Caused by Golf Cleat/Sole Designs Michigan State University