The outdoor turf exhibit, 'Grass Roots', is in the design stage February 27, 2015

The USGA is working with allied turfgrass associations and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to develop an outdoor turfgrass exhibit at the U. S. National Arboretum. The arboretum is 446 acre USDA Agricultural Research Service public gardens facility two miles from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. The four-year focus on turfgrass entitled 'Grass Roots' will include a series of workshops, symposia and demonstrations, with the centerpiece of the program being the outdoor turfgrass exhibit.

'Grass Roots' is a unique opportunity for the turf industry to inform and educate visitors about turfgrass and the turfgrass industry.  All information presented within the 'Grass Roots' program will be science-based and reviewed by scientists in the field.  The National Arboretum is the home of many beautiful gardens and collections, as well as the Capitol Columns, the original sandstone columns from the East side of the U. S. Capitol. With over 500,000 visitors each year including members of Congress, the National Arboretum excels in research and education programs for young and old alike. Therefore, the National Arboretum is the perfect setting for the turf exhibit and the 'Grass Roots' Initiative.
A design team is currently hard at work developing the concepts and content to be displayed in the outdoor exhibit and great progress has been made. In addition, plans are being to develop and publish many interesting articles and features about turfgrass, its benefits and utility on the Arboretum web site. The turf industry is starting to step to the plate, with about $140,000 in funds, product and services being pledged thus far to help in the development and construction of the outdoor exhibit. The National Arboretum is providing $83,000 in support and service in addition to the $140,000 pledged. This brochure gives more details on the four year program, the outdoor exhibit and the budget needed.