Golf's Use Of Water February 27, 2015

Among the most important issues facing the future of the game of golf is that of water use. In many parts of the country, golf courses require large amounts of water to irrigate the landscape on which the game is played. Often, golf courses are highly visible features in communities and are targets for criticism during periods of drought when homeowners and others are restricted in their use of potable water.

For several decades the golf industry has recognized its responsibility to reduce water use and become less reliant on potable irrigation sources, and has taken many steps to achieve that goal. The industry has taken a multifaceted approach to the problem, including the development of 1) new grass varieties that use less water or can tolerate poor quality water; 2) new technologies that improve the efficiency of the irrigation system; 3) "best management practices" in golf course maintenance that result in less water use; 4) alternative water sources that reduce or eliminate the use of potable water; 5) golf course design concepts that minimize the area maintained with grasses that require considerable use of water; and 6) programs that educate golf course superintendents and other water users about opportunities for ongoing water conservation.

Reprinted from the publication Water Right - Conserving Our Water Preserving Our Environment
Published in 2001 by International Turf Producers Foundation, Case Study 7, page 48.



Golf's Use of Water Resource Center: Information is the key to meeting the challenge of golf's use of water. With this in mind, the USGA has created a new web site focused entirely on the issue. We urge everyone to take the time to visit the site and contribute to the efforts.

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