Forward Tees, Please March 2, 2016

New forward tees can easily be established in relatively level areas of existing fairways without additional maintenance or construction costs. 

Forward tees are becoming increasingly popular, providing golfers with quick, fun rounds and potentially lower scores. Here are some important facts every golfer should know about forward tees:


Forward tees can provide a challenge commensurate to your abilities.

Forward tees are not intended to make a golf course easy; rather, they are intended to enhance the golf experience by allowing golfers to adjust the length and difficulty of a golf course so that it is compatible with their abilities. Although a few golfers can hit a golf ball extraordinarily far, most golfers hit the ball much shorter distances than the professionals on TV. Often, golfers with slower swing speeds are unable to reach putting greens in regulation not because they lack skill, but simply because they do not hit the ball very far. Properly positioned forward tees can solve this problem by appropriately matching course length with golfer ability.


Playing from forward tees can be fast and fun.

You can play faster and achieve better scores when playing a golf course that is aligned with your abilities. Playing from forward tees can leave you with fewer hybrid or long iron approach shots into greens, improving your accuracy, score and enjoyment while possibly reducing the potential of losing balls.


You can post scores from forward tees to the USGA Handicap System.

Provided they offer a course that plays at least 3,000 yards for 18 holes, forward tees can be evaluated by your state or regional golf association to receive a Course Rating and Slope Rating®. Once rated, you can post scores from forward tees to receive or maintain a Handicap Index®. Since the Ratings for forward tees are based on a shorter total yardage, your Handicap Index will remain transferrable from one set of tees to another and from course to course.


Creating forward tees is easier than you think.

Whether new tees are constructed or tee markers simply are placed in a level area of a fairway, creating forward tees at your course does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. Often, forward tees can be established in fairways without requiring additional maintenance operations or construction costs. Even with a limited budget, forward tees are not out of reach at your course.


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