A Guide for Green Committee Members September 15, 2015

As a Green Committee member, you have the responsibility to help oversee and direct considerable expenditures for the maintenance and improvement of your golf course. Your position is an important one. It is alive with challenges, potential and opportunity. Before becoming a member of the Green Committee, you undoubtedly held a certain pride in your home course. Now you share directly in the responsibility of maintaining this pride for your golf course!

This booklet is desgined to help guide you past the pitfalls, show you the opportunities and assist in making your work an asset to your golf course and the environment. Some people will say that the job of the Green Committee chairman (or 'member') is the most thankless task in the world. But many others will tell you it can be the most rewarding volunteer service your course or club has to offer. The final outcome, just as the final putt, is up to you.


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