Timely Pruning Benefits Trees And Turf November 6, 2014 By John Daniels

A proactive approach to tree management is a proactive approach to turf management. Now is a great time for selective tree pruning to improve growing environments for better turf next year.

Courses throughout the region are continuing to concentrate efforts on fall cleanup. As the remainder of leaves drop, superintendents are taking steps to protect turf going into the winter. A common focus is improving sunlight and air circulation. Managing the growing environment for turfgrass is critical to sustaining year-round turf performance.

Identifying areas where shade is a problem and selectively pruning will pay dividends for 2015 and beyond. Remember, a well-designed tree pruning program benefits the turf as well as the trees. Deciduous trees are best pruned when they are dormant. Thin out cluttered canopies and remove problem trees to give your turfgrass the sunlight it needs to begin the season strong and healthy. Remove low-hanging branches that impede air movement and obstruct golf cart traffic. More sunlight will reduce the potential for winterkill and provide a quicker spring green-up of both warm- and cool-season turfgrass species.

Are trees an issue on your course? A Course Consulting Service Tree Evaluation can help find ways to improve turfgrass health and playability as well as tree quality and aesthetics.

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