Kiss Your Ash Goodbye October 26, 2014 By Bob Vavrek

Will we have another frigid winter? Take advantage of the deep frost and remove any poor-quality ash trees from the golf course now, before the emerald ash borer arrives. Every ash tree you remove now is one less you will need to remove later.

Golf course maintenance is winding down across the north-central tier of the U.S., and now is a good time to plan an aggressive tree-management strategy for this winter, especially for courses that have a significant population of ash trees. The emerald ash borer is devastating trees in the Chicagoland area as this pest continues to migrate outward from southeastern Michigan. Smart golf facilities are trying to mitigate the economic impact of removing dead trees in the future by selectively removing unnecessary and poor-quality ash trees now, before the arrival of the emerald ash borer triggers quarantines that will make log and wood chip disposal far more difficult and costly.

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