Safety First September 2, 2014 By Bob Vavrek

Lightning strikes to tall trees on a golf course are a common occurrence, but strikes to a putting green are rare. However, lightening strikes occur often enough to remind us of how vulnerable we are in open spaces during threatening weather.

This image of a recent lightning strike to a putting green in Indiana should provide every golfer plenty of incentive to seek immediate shelter when they hear the warning signal for threatening weather conditions. There were several fairly tall trees a good distance away from the green complex and no flagstick in the hole at the time of the strike. By the way, the unique pattern of injury to the turf was barely visible just 10 days later.

While we are all familiar with lightning, there are many dangerous misconceptions involving this weather phenomenon. To make certain you understand how best to protect yourself and others visit the Lightning Safety Myths and Facts page of the National Weather Service.


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