Using A Blog To Discuss Major Challenges Facing Your Course – Ridgewood CC, Waco, Texas June 25, 2014 By James F. Moore

The Ridgewood Country Club Maintenance Blog uses straightforward language and links to numerous multimedia resources to help golfers better understand the efforts of the maintenance staff to keep playing quality high and address the needs of the course in the future.

Golf course superintendent blogs provide tremendous insight into how golf courses are managed to achieve the best playing quality possible while addressing the agronomic needs of the course itself. The blogs are invariably geared toward the golfer in an effort to help players better understand how course maintenance impacts their game.

This update features another outstanding blog from the Mid-Continent region. Travis Moore, superintendent of Ridgewood Country Club in Waco, Texas, is using his blog to involve golfers in the staff’s efforts to prepare a water conservation plan. He also discusses the challenges of trying to prepare bunkers that meet everyone’s expectations and why bentgrass greens slow down in the summer months.

Like a lot of superintendents, Travis makes liberal use of USGA videos and articles – something we at the USGA encourage everyone to do. Please take a few minutes to visit the Ridgewood Country Club Golf Course Maintenance Blog and see first-hand how good communications via a blog is well worth the effort. 

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