Summer Breeze And Trimming Trees June 24, 2014 By Brian Whitlark

(L) A tree lift was outfitted on this heavy duty utility vehicle to conduct tree trimming and thinning practices in-house for hundreds of olive trees. (R) Portable electric fans enable the staff to move the fans around strategic areas of the bentgrass putting greens.

On a recent Course Consultation Service visit to Las Vegas Country Club, Kent McCutcheon, golf course superintendent, demonstrated the benefits of the large turf fans used to cool the creeping bentgrass putting greens during the extreme summer heat. Mr. McCutcheon identified that the fans reduced surface temperatures by as much as 8-9°F and reduced humidity at the greens surface by 50 percent when compared to greens without fans. The unique feature of the fans set up at Las Vegas Country Club is they are all portable. Nine of the fourteen fans are electrical and the remaining five run off generators. The plan is to convert to all electrical fans. The fans are supported by stands and 25 to 50 foot long electrical cords which enable the staff to move the fans to strategic areas around the greens to maximize the benefits.

Secondly, while at LVCC, Mr. McCutcheon demonstrated a new tool for trimming trees. A utility vehicle was outfitted with a Patriot® Aerial Lift for about $19,000 (for the lift). Rather than outsource trimming the olive trees which cost over $225 per tree and are a prominent feature at LVCC, key members of the golf maintenance staff have been trained to complete this work in-house. The tree lift is safe and expedites the trimming process. The lift reportedly expands up to 23 feet high and about 24 feet wide (12 feet on either side) and runs off a 12 volt battery. The lift comes with electric outriggers to stabilize the utility vehicle while in use.

Thanks to Mr. Kent McCutcheon, USGA Green Section committeeman for sharing these new developments on the golf course.

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