Hot Weather Tips In The Transition Zone June 24, 2014 By Patrick O’Brien

As air temperatures rise in the summer, life support tools such as fans are put to use around creeping bentgrass putting greens.

Hot Weather Tips In The Transition Zone  

The calendar says that summer has arrived and the thermometer agrees. Cool-season turf such as creeping bentgrass is entering survival mode in the transition zone. This article provides a variety of links to articles on important bentgrass summer survival strategies. These articles may be a refresher for many superintendents or they may provide helpful information to course officials seeking to understand the process of summer bentgrass management.

Summer Brings Changes  

Two changes are common in creeping bentgrass plants as soil temperatures climb into the 80s and 90s during the summer. First, the consumption of stored food reserves in the plant can occur faster than the production of food in the plant. In scientific terms, plant respiration (consumption of carbohydrates for growth) can exceed photosynthesis (creation of carbohydrates).  Long term, this is not sustainable and is stressful to the plant. Burning the Candle at Both Ends

A second change is regionalUpdateContent loss. In a study conducted in North Carolina in 2000-2001, Dr. Fred Yelverton of NC State University reported that “averaged over two years, bentgrass lost 76 percent of regionalUpdateContent biomass from the end of May to September 1.” Yelverton Bentgrass Root Loss .

What Can You Do?  Common Summer Bentgrass Management Strategies  

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