Double Duty June 22, 2014 By Bob Vavrek

Two turbine blowers in tandem can move clumps of heavy, wet clippings much better than a single unit, especially when the output angle is adjusted to maximize debris dispersion.

Recent rain, heat and high humidity have transformed roughs and fairways into hayfields. Mowing schedules have barely been able to keep pace with rapid turf growth and managing clippings has been challenging.

Most golf facilities use blowers to clear clippings, tree seeds and other debris from playing surfaces. Courses that own more than one turbine-type blower might try to use two units in tandem to disperse wet, heavy accumulations of clippings more efficiently. Try different angles on the output manifolds of the front versus rear blower to maximize clipping dispersal. Also, be sure your utility vehicle has enough power to tow multiple blowers and try to avoid tight corners because reversing may not be an option.

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