Time Can Heal All Wounds May 13, 2014 By Keith Happ

We continue to see turf recover from the severe winter damage experienced in many portions of the North-Central region. Areas of turf on greens, fairways and tees once thought to be completey dead have recovered well enough that the use of plugs or sod is no longer being considered necessary. Emerging bud leaves have developed into plants that can support play this season. This development has been supported with sound, foundational agronomic programs. Timely aeration, judious fertilization, site specific seeding and controlling mechanical stress have contributed to successful recovery.  

Weather continues to be the most important variable affecting turf recovery. We cannot control the weather, but turf managers can implement strategies to prepare for play when conditions become favorable. Unfortunatley, weather in the northern portion of the North-Central region has not been favorable and recovery has been slow. Conversely, in the central and southern portions of our region grass is growing and course prepartion strategies are in full swing.
It is just as important to manage golfer expectations this spring as it is to manage grass to get the course ready for play. Please don’t hesitate to contact the North-Central offices for more information or help throughout the year.

Time heals all wounds and it takes time for grass to grow. Preparing grass for golf is a process and there are many variables that cannot be controlled, the most important of which is the weather. This series of images shows progress and how essential weather is to turf growth and recovery.