Featured Blog - Wichita Country Club Golf Course Management May 27, 2014 By James F. Moore

In the last Mid-Continent update I discussed the value of superintendents using blogs to keep their players, leadership and others informed of course maintenance activities. My goal is to feature some of the region’s best blogs in this update in the hope that other superintendents will follow the lead of their compatriots.

In the last issue, I highlighted the blog of Joe Watcher, director of Grounds and Landscape of Glen Echo Country Club in Missouri. This issue features the blog of Brian White, golf course superintendent at Wichita Country Club. In one of the best uses of a blog, Brian provides insight into an upcoming project that will at least temporarily interrupt play on the course. The project involves the conversion of the roughs to Riviera bermudagrass and requires the application of herbicides, renovation work and seeding. Brian does an excellent job of letting the membership know what to expect including safety concerns. He does this in a few short but very descriptive paragraphs without using technical jargon. Too many of us forget that using technical jargon is a sure way to lose the attention of golfers who want to know what is going on but don’t want to have to learn new six syllable words that only chemists and superintendents find fascinating.

Brian’s blog provides important, interesting and timely information concerning this major improvement project. The short time it takes to provide periodic updates as the project progresses are well worth the extra effort. Follow this link to see Brian’s blog for yourself -

Nice job Brian.

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