The Weather Must Cooperate For Grass To Respond May 27, 2013 By Bob Vavrek

Zoysia Patch can be difficult to control. However, aeration will speed turf recovery and surface quality will be reestablished.

Frost and cool temperatures are still limiting turf growth at courses throughout the states of the North-Central Region. As a result, dandelions and knotweed find little competition in slow growing fairways and roughs, especially in areas that were already thin due to winterkill. Frustration increases when standard herbicide treatments are made to control dandelions only to see some curling followed by rapid recovery of weeds. This is a good time to spend a bit more for combination herbicides with carfentrazone as one of the active ingredients due to the increased activity at low temperatures. Golfers have had a frustrating spring compared to the extra-early start to play last season and there is nothing like a dead weed to remind them that maintenance operations are on the ball – more so when they return home to see more yellow flowers than turf in their home lawns.

In the southern portion of the region warm season turf growth is also slow. Zoysia Patch has been an issue and Spring Dead Spot on bermudagrass has been slow to heal. Soil temperatures will increase and the turf will respond. Aeration will help. Slice aeration can be used to promote recovery of both grasses.

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