Change Is A Certainty May 1, 2013 By Bob Brame

Despite growing up on a golf course it didn’t take long for me to walk away from the idea that playing on the PGA Tour would be a doable career. A much better fit came with working in golf course maintenance, so off to Purdue University I went. After nearly two decades of working as a golf course superintendent, a change was in order when I followed a suggestion from Dave Oatis that working as a USGA agronomist might be a good fit. For that change in 1990 I will always be grateful. Working for the USGA Green Section has been the highlight of my career, and yet, change marches on as I retire at the end of May. Change is a certainty in life and there is no better group to guide the changes that are inevitable with golf course maintenance than the Green Section staff. I know because I’ve seen it from both sides for more than 35 years. 

Keith Happ (  has been named the new director of the North-Central Region working with Senior Agronomist Bob Vavrek ( Keith and Bob are experienced veterans with a sincere desire to serve.    

TAS subscribers should take note that the deadline is approaching for the discounted TAS fees. To receive the $500 discount, payment must be received by May 15, 2013.

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