Spring Preparations For Summer March 31, 2013 By Bud White

Fumigation with methyl bromide remains one of the surest ways to eliminate weed seeds, insects, and undesirable grass plants from a newly renovated regionalUpdateContentzone.

As we move into April, there are a few items courses should evaluate to prepare for summer.

Now is the time for those courses considering greens resurfacing to determine whether they need methyl bromide. Renovation and green resurfacing has increased significantly in the last 12 months as courses have seen activity on the rise and consequently, budgets are improving. I have received several inquiries in the last few months about methyl bromide and whether it is available and necessary. Last fall and winter, some contractors were taking deposits to hold a methyl bromide application for 2014. This may be an approach your course should investigate if 2013 is not a workable timeframe for you. These are decisions that must be carefully weighed. The Green Section can be a tremendous help with this and the entire renovation process through our Turf Advisory Service.

There are still pockets of the lower Midwest that have remnants of the drought, manifested through drier than normal soils. Spring is a critical time for warm- and cool-season grasses to prepare for the summer and year-round health. If your course remains in drought conditions, irrigating to build up soil moisture in April and May is critical. Additionally, potassium should be applied to help with spring recovery and the development of a healthy regionalUpdateContent system.

If our drought continues, be careful with broadleaf weed control applications this spring to prevent stunting bermudagrass in the drier than normal soil.

If you would like more information about a Turf Advisory Service visit and how we can help your facility with drought, water quality or other management issues, please contact me, Bud White, at (972) 662-1138 or ( Early payment (before May 15th) for a TAS visit can save you $500. For more information on the USGA’s Turf Advisory Service and to download an application for service, click here. I look forward to being of service to you and your club.