Seed For Thought January 31, 2013 By R.A. (Bob) Brame

Rough quality was compromised throughout the region in 2012 due to hot and dry weather. Dormant seeding is a viable option for restoring good density.

The hot and dry 2012 season resulted in thinning and scarring of roughs at numerous courses in the North-Central region. We’ve now experienced three difficult years in a row and rough quality has suffered on most courses – particularly the primary rough. The dry weather pattern last fall limited the recovery that normally occurs that time of the year which means that more work is needed this year. While late summer into early fall is the best time for seeding cool-season grasses, dormant seeding is an option worth considering. Take a look at the following article from the University of Nebraska - Improving success of dormant seeding .                 

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Source:  Bob Brame, or 859.356.3272