Simple Tool for Controlling Bermudagrass Encroachment November 13, 2012 By Pat Gross

Controlling bermudagrass encroachment into edges of creeping bentgrass or Poa annua greens often involves some type of edging device to physically sever encroaching stolons along the perimeter of a green. A simple edging tool was recently viewed that looks much like a long-handle pizza cutter. The cutter does the job quickly, efficiently and has the added advantage of creating no debris. Furthermore, the small cut is virtually unnoticeable to golfers.


GrossNov2012_3This simple device, which resembles a long-handled
pizza cutter, can be used for edging greens to control
bermudagrass encroachment
 GrossNov2012_2The cutter is pressed down into the turf approximately
two inches and rolled along the perimeter of the green at
the interface of the creeping bentgrass green and bermudagrass
collar. The operation takes approximately five minutes per green.
The small slice created by the edger is virtually unnoticeable to golfers and has no impact on play.