Year In Review September 17, 2012 By Patrick O’Brien and Chris Hartwiger

  Spending time to review the current year is the first step in ensuring success next year. 


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Each year, we are asked to present “Year in Review” presentations at various turfgrass conferences in the Southeast. These are enjoyable to prepare as they allow us to reflect over the entire year and focus on successes and challenges that golf facilities in the Southeast experienced. Preparing a “Year in Review” presentation is a good idea for superintendents as well. This regional update will review the importance of taking the time to review course conditions for the year and offer a suggestion on how to get started.

There are multiple benefits to be gained in preparing a “Year in Review” presentation at your golf facility.

·       Education for Course Officials. Course officials on the Green Committee rotate off the committee periodically. A review will serve as an educational tool for those new to the committee or those joining the committee next year.

·       Confirmation of the Golf Season. Many golf courses do not have standardized maintenance guidelines and conducting a review will serve to confirm the success of the golf season in light of the current budget.

·       Identify Areas for Improvement. Most portions of the infrastructure of a golf course have finite life spans. A review is helpful to identify areas where capital improvements are warranted.

·       Future Budgeting. Were conditions satisfactory?  If not, are those who play the course willing to pay more for improvements?  These are questions that will be brought forth through a review.

Preparing a “Year in Review” Presentation

A review can be arranged with pictures using presentation software or written in a document format. It should be a joint effort with the superintendent, golf professional and others that have oversight over the golf course. Consider evaluating all key areas of the golf course on the basis of playing conditions, turf quality and staff/equipment available to get the job done.  

We hope 2012 was a good golf season for you. As always, we are available to assist with preparing a “Year in Review” presentation or any other issues at your facility. 


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