It’s Hot, Again! July 15, 2012 By Chris Hartwiger and Patrick M. O'Brien

Average annual summer high temperatures for interior Alabama from 1883 – 2011.

Hot weather has been a big topic in the southeast over the last few weeks. The wave of high temperatures that blanketed the southeast from June 28 – July 3 set records in many cities and drove many people indoors. Weather extremes also offer people a chance to weigh in on other periods where temperatures and conditions were far from ideal. It can also provide multiple challenges for golf course superintendents.

We ran across this graph in an article released by the University of Alabama Huntsville that shows summer high temperatures in interior Alabama dating back to 1883. It’s interesting to note that although we’ve had a few hot summers lately, there were hotter summers back in the 1920’s to 1950’s. It’s also interesting to look at the hottest 20 summers since 1883.  If you would like to read more about this topic, please click on this link:  http://heat and alabama climatology .

Alabama’s 20 Hottest Summers

1954    95.65
1902    95.36
1952    94.95
1943    94.35
1925    94.32
1930    94.13
1936    93.66
1914    93.49
1951    93.43
1921    93.34
2007    93.34
2010    93.30
2011    93.19
2006    93.17
1980    92.80
1899    92.79
1931    92.78
1953    92.70
1913    92.65
1897    92.61

Hot Weather Resources 

For golf course superintendents with bentgrass putting greens, the goal of the summer is to manage this cool-season grass species in a way that maximizes turf health and minimizes turf stress until cooler temperatures arrive in late summer or early fall. In addition to scheduling a Turf Advisory Service visit to discuss on-course recommendations to promote maximum bentgrass survival and summer performance, we offer you complimentary access to these resources.

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Source:  Chris Hartwiger ( and Patrick O’Brien (