There Is No 'I' In Team November 1, 2011 By R.A. (Bob) Brame

October 2011. The USGA Green Section staff. Spending time together, on a regular cycle, strengthens the bonds that makes for a winning team.  


The Green Section staff recently returned from a staff meeting where we discussed a broad range of agronomic and administrative topics, both formally and after-hours.  The meeting also included thanking Jim Snow for his 35 years of dedication to the USGA Green Section, including his 21 years of leadership as the National Director; Jim will retire at the end of the year.  Congratulation was extended to Kimberly Erusha, who will be our managing director upon Jim’s retirement.  It was a great time of remembering about where we’ve come and looking forward to the days ahead.  In the final analysis, your Green Section agronomist is part of a national team that is focused on serving the game of golf.  While the world in which we live often encourages self focus and a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude, the USGA Green Section is a team, and there is no ‘i’ in team. 

Staff meetings provide a bonding that maximizes our commitment to each other and the organization.  When you subscribe to our Turf Advisory Service, or interact with the Green Section in any way, you receive the full backing of our entire staff.  Questions posed to individuals on our staff are commonly circulated to all for wider and more in-depth input that is then passed back to the person making the initial inquiry.  Past and current research also is factored in and merged with decades of combined experience.  No individual on our staff could ever have the impact that our combined efforts bring to the table.  Gathering together serves to merge our individual personalities and experiences to produce a stronger team.  Playing the game along the way helps keep agronomics and course maintenance in perspective.

While considering the fact that there is no ‘i’ in team, it also must be acknowledged that no one is indispensible, which serves to accentuate the greater focus – the team.  How about you --- are you part of a team or are you operating on the premise of, ‘if I want it done right I need to do it myself.’  The superintendent can’t do it alone.  Clearly, every team needs a leader, but the input of others is essential. To superintendents - are you playing the game regularly to keep agronomics and maintenance in proper perspective?    To committee or board members - the objective is to represent those who appointed or elected you.  Do you know what your constituents want, or, are you running on personal preferences rather than taking time to make sure what the majority want?  More energy is required to serve the greater interest of the team, but it’s an investment that will serve those who follow.

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Source:  Bob Brame, or 859-356-3272