Hot Tips for This Summer July 28, 2011 By Dave Oatis, Jim Skorulski, and Adam Moeller

(L) Using carpets on which to turn the mowers can help reduce mechanical stress on collars. (R) Keeping two to three inches of sand on flashed bunker faces will help reduce, but not eliminate fried egg lies. 



Mechanical stress from mowers can diminish turf quality on collars, particularly in hot weather.


Strategies to reduce mechanical stress on collars include mowing only as needed, mow when the turf is dry, use solid front rollers on the mower, use carpet, lattice boards or similar device to turn the mowers on, and reduce mowing height when temperatures allow to improve plant density.  


 July 28, 2011 Regional Update from Adam Moller 

Summer Heat is Hitting Turf Hard  



Fried egg lies on bunker faces can be frustrating. 


Frequently monitor sand depths to ensure only two to three inches of sand are flashed on the face.    


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