Formation Of The California Turfgrass & Landscape Foundation June 7, 2011 By Pat Gross

The California Turfgrass & Landscape Foundation is up and running.  A diverse group of turf and landscape professionals throughout the state met at Palos Verdes Golf Club on June 1 to form a state-wide coalition with the goal of funding and supporting turfgrass and landscape research in California.

The new foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 corporation that will raise funds, and support vital research that represents the interests of stakeholders throughout the state in the areas of turfgrass, landscape and related water use.

 “California is such a large geographic area, and up to this point, research support has been very regional and fragmented” said Bruce R. Williams, CGCS, who was chosen to serve as the Executive Director of the new foundation.  “We expect that the California Turfgrass & Landscape Foundation will change that and help unify the industry while giving much needed support to our research institutions.”

Until now, California was one of the few states in the country without a statewide organization to support turf and landscape research.  California faces many ongoing challenges, most importantly a reduction in water supplies and a mandate by the state to reduce water use 20% by the year 2020.  There are several studies already underway at UC Riverside that the foundation hopes to support, including a project researching the ability of various turf species to sequester carbon, screening of new products for controlling Poa annua, and a combination drought and salinity study that is just getting underway.

The foundation is actively seeking organizations and individuals to join the effort.  “Everyone with a lawn or garden should be a member of this organization,” said Pat Gradoville, superintendent at Palos Verdes Golf Club and member of the foundation’s board of directors.  Organizations and individuals interested in joining the foundation are encouraged to contact:

Bruce R. Williams, CGCS
Executive Director
California Turfgrass & Landscape Foundation 


Source: Pat Gross,