Spring Is Here! March 2, 2010 By Bud White

Bermudagrass greens are still quite dormant on the Gulf Coast, even in early March.

Spring appears to be close – finally! Not only was there record snow fall and cold temperatures, but extremely wet conditions throughout the winter have been the cause for extra foot-printing and rutting. Care must be taken this spring to promote active re-growth of all turfgrasses. Below is a picture of an ultradwarf green taken March 1. It is still quite dormant for a Gulf Coast location.

Superintendents should consider rolling greens, collars, tees, approaches, and possibly fairways if the above-mentioned problems are significant. Spiking or slicing prior to rolling will help with smoothing. Do not roll soils that are wet because compaction can occur.

This spring, precautions should be taken when using pre-emergent herbicides if areas of bermudagrass thinning or winterkill are likely to occur. Many pre-emergents can have a negative impact on bermudagrass spread and stolon tack down. Oxadiazon does not inhibit bermudagrass filling-in thin areas, and should be considered for use if winter damage is suspicious.

The Mid-Continent regional conference is scheduled for April 19th at the Las Colinas Country Club in Irving, TX. We have an excellent program planned this spring, with great education for all club staff, boards, and green committees. Please join us for this educational opportunity.

As a reminder, the USGA Green Section Turf Advisory Service visit rates for 2010 remain the same as 2009.

    • Half-day -- $2300 with a discount of $500 if paid by May 15 ($1800)
    • Full-day -- $3100 with a discount of $500 if paid by May 15 ($2600)

Consider payment prior to May 15th to take advantage of the $500 discount. If you receive your visit prior to May 15th, it is necessary for payment to be made within 30 days of the visit invoice in order to receive the $500 discount. A TAS application can be downloaded at:

If you would like more information about a Turf Advisory Service visit, please contact either of the Mid-Continent regional offices: Bud White, (972) 662-1138 or ( and Ty McClellan, or (630) 340-5853. We look forward to being of service to you and your golf course.