Rules FAQ

Rule 4-2

Tape or Gauze Applied to Club

Q. Is it permissible to add tape or gauze to any part of the club?

A. During the round, the playing characteristics of the club may not be changed – see Rule 4-2a.

Prior to the player’s stipulated round, tape or gauze may be applied to the grip of the club provided the application of such materials does not create a waist or bulge – see Appendix II; Part 3.

Tape applied to the club head or shaft is an external attachment which renders the club non-conforming (see Appendix II; Part 1a). The following are exceptions to the prohibition against external attachments provided such applications are made prior to the player’s stipulated round:

  • Lead tape may be applied to the head or shaft of the club for the purpose of adding weight (see Decisions 4-1/4 and 4-2/0.5)
  • Tape may be applied to the shaft of the club to protect it.
  • Decals may be applied to the shaft for identification purposes. These decals may also be covered by clear tape.

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