Handicapping FAQs

Section 5

Posting a Score On An International Golf Course


  How do I post a score made on an international golf course for handicap purposes?


  The USGA® authorizes many international golf associations to issue a USGA Course Rating™ and Slope Rating®.

We recommend that the individual contact the golf club where he or she will be playing (or has played) and request the ratings for the course. If not feasible, the Authorized Golf Association’s website may have this information. If the international golf course has Ratings, then scores can be posted for handicap purposes if it’s during the Association’s active season and the score is acceptable. If no Ratings are available, or if there is not a golf association authorized by the USGA in the area, then scores are not acceptable for handicap purposes. Unfortunately, there’s not a way to convert another rating system (such as the Standard Scratch Score, or “SSS,” System) to the USGA Course Rating System™.