FROM: Jim Hyler, Chairman, USGA Championship Committee

TO: Amateur Players Entering USGA Championships

DATE: January 2, 2008

RE: 2008 USGA Championship Handicap Requirements

In 2008, the USGA will formally apply a policy that it first introduced in 2007.

Please note, all players subject to meeting the USGA Handicap eligibility requirements as listed on individual USGA Championship entry forms, must ensure the following:

"A USGA Handicaps Index® must be issued from a "golf club" (as defined in the USGA Handicap System manual) which is licensed to use the USGA Handicap System ™." (International players should complete the entry form as directed on the application.)

Access to the entire database of licensed clubs can be found in the Handicap Section of the USGA Web site,, via the link entitled Authorized Golf Clubs or by entering the following address:

This database will be updated on a regular basis and licensed golf clubs may be added and/or deleted based on a club’s efforts to comply with the licensing regulations. It is suggested that a potential applicant check this list both before Championship season begins and again prior to applying, in order to confirm that that applicant’s golf club is authorized to issue a Handicap Index. If the applicant’s club is not in the database, contacting the golf club as soon as possible to determine why it has not completed the licensing process is highly recommended. The applicant should refer the golf club to the guidelines for licensing that may be found in the Handicap Section of the USGA Web site by clicking on the link entitled The USGA Handicap System Licensing Program For Clubs or typing in the address: .

Once a player has confirmed the golf club is licensed and has entered a USGA Championship, the Handicap Index on all subsequent entries received from the same entrant during the 2008 Championship season will be deemed to be from a "licensed golf club" even if that golf club has had it license revoked for non-conformance to handicap regulation procedures.

Failure to submit a Handicap Index from a golf club that is licensed by the USGA will result in the rejection of Championship entries.

Thank you for your attention and compliance with this USGA Championship entry requirement.