USGA Handicap System™ Licensing Program for Clubs

The USGA Handicap System Licensing Program for Clubs is a requirement for all clubs in the United States wishing to utilize the USGA Handicap System?. If a club is a member club of the authorized golf association in its area, and a member club is considered as a club that uses the authorized golf association?s handicap computation service, then it must sign an agreement with the authorized golf association. Any independent golf club that is not part of an authorized golf association and wishes to utilize any aspect of the USGA Handicap System must be licensed directly through the USGA®. To review the licensing policies or to begin the licensing process now, see the links below:

Licensing Program for Clubs Application?Enroll On-line

Licensing Program for Clubs FAQ?s

Golf Club Compliance Checklist

Decision 2/7. Clarification of Compliance/License Issues for Golf Club Types

Definition of a Golf Club

Additional Decisions Regarding Definitions of a Golf Club

2007 USGA Championships Handicap Requirements

Golf Club Audit Program

The USGA has initiated an audit program for golf clubs to ensure the integrity of the USGA Handicap System is being maintained. The USGA randomly selects licensed golf clubs to complete the audit program and to provide evidence that they are using the USGA?s formulas and service marks correctly in connection with the USGA Handicap System. All licensed golf clubs are subjected to being audited by the USGA, regardless of whether there is a compliance item in question or not.